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Meet the Supplier: Beth Bakes

Introducing our brand new ‘Meet the Supplier’ series. We’re so exited to be interviewing a selection of fantastic wedding specialists. We take pride in recommending the finest in the industry, and hope this series will help you find the perfect suppliers for your day.

We’re thrilled to introduce Beth Bakes.

Photo credit: Rock Salt Photography

What services do you offer?

Bespoke, handmade, luxury wedding cakes

What makes you different? 

Apart from my family, cake is my life! If I’m not baking it, I’m decorating it! If I’m not baking, I’m looking for new ideas and techniques, I love attending masterclasses with industry leaders to improve my skills and you’ll find my attention to detail second to none!

How did it all start? 

After taking a break to start a family, I started making cakes for my children’s birthdays and it grew from there – friends would ask for cakes for their children and word spread!

Biggest achievements

Being able to create a huge variety of styles of cakes, not just being stuck in one genre.

Why should couples choose you? 

My cakes look fantastic and they taste amazing!

I understand that a wedding is a one off event where everything should be perfect and easy for you. My years of experience mean I can hold your hand from beginning to end – not just with your wedding cake but ensuring that it becomes a seamless part of your entire wedding. Because, whilst the cake is a huge part of most weddings,  I understand the need to liaise with other key services and not take up too much of your time as I know how much you have to do in the run up to a wedding. . This is why I often take this pressure away from you by liasing with florist, caterers, venues so you can focus on the things that need you (like picking out that dress!). 

 Before I started Beth Bakes, my husband and I ran a catering company for several years catering for many, many weddings so I have the ability to see the bigger picture.  Why not have a look at some of the testimonials customers have left for me on my website?

Word of wisdom

Consider the time of year when your wedding will take place and try to match your cake to the weather and venue – have you ever been in a very hot marquee in the middle of summer? Did you think “Gosh, I might melt in here”? What might happen to your chocolate covered wedding cake in that same situation????……..

Photo credit: Twig’s Branch Photography, Rock Salt Photography

Contact Beth Bakes / 07811 321038


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