2021 Wedding Trends

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All of the unfortunate events that have happened in 2020 have meant that many weddings that were supposed to take place this year have been cancelled or postponed.

This means that 2021 weddings will need to be better than ever to make up for it! But don’t worry, here are some themes that will make your big day even more special.

Go big or go home

By 2021, brides will be dying to celebrate their marriage and can’t wait to have the best and biggest day of their lives. Especially brides who were supposed to get married this year, will be itching to have the most amazing day imaginable. 

Going big can be in another form you like, such bigger blowouts, larger flower bouquets, more guests or glitter; everything over-the-top is wanted!

Make sure all of these elements are sustainable and will not double the price of the wedding, but everyone will be ready for a huge party, after not having a social life for most of 2020, so go big! 

Outdoor Ceremonies

We have all been stuck inside for most of 2020 and the rest of the year is not looking too promising for large social gatherings, therefore, opting for an outdoor summer wedding in 2021 will be very popular. 

An outdoor wedding allows you to personalise your big day in a way that a brick and mortar venue doesn’t. You’re not bound to anything that the establishment may decide for you; you will be able to be picky with every little detail. You can have any theme that you want and decorate the outdoor space exactly how you imagined it. 

There are many outdoor areas you can use for a wedding, such as a public park, some beautiful gardens by a manor, or literally just your own back garden, if you are afraid of cranky strangers. The guests will have a great time outside, enjoying the weather and being all together again after such a long time inside! 

Buying British

Since COVID-19 and the lockdown has taken a massive toll on the UK economy and many businesses are suffering with income and being able to pay their employees, it should be a trend in 2021 to support all local businesses, especially the in-store businesses.

Wedding related businesses especially have taken a hard hit this year, as no one is getting married. They all need to be considered in 2021!

Purchasing your dress in-store with all the help that comes with it, buying the venue decorations in small highstreet shops and utilising a local catering service will all help England’s recovery. Couples should be turning to more independent businesses and supporting local suppliers, rather than using Amazon or other online corporate brands. 

Working with companies close to home will make the wedding planning feel more intimate and personal as well. A great wedding directory will really come in handy here, to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Opt for a micro wedding instead

Lockdown has been a time for reflection for many people, about what and who is truly important to them. We have all come to the realisation who our true friends and family members are, the ones who you have been speaking to regularly and whose well-being you care about most. 

Micro weddings usually involve around 20 guests and are very intimate and personal. Scaling back your guest list and the decorations needed can be exactly what many couples are looking for, especially as many people may still have anxieties about a large social gathering in 2021.

Your wedding will be just as amazing as a large one, the guests may even enjoy it more, as they will feel extremely special for being invited to such a cozy celebration. 2021 will be the year for authenticity; we have all realised how fragile life is, so make sure you celebrate every moment of it with the people you love the most!

Incorporating sustainability

Global warming is becoming more apparent every day and us humans should be constantly finding ways to change our daily actions to make the planet a better place for our future generations. Therefore, couples should be making sustainability and supporting eco-friendly businesses a priority when planning their wedding in 2021. 

Weddings often produce massive amounts of CO2 emissions, especially if you are having a destination wedding and everyone has to fly out. If you have always dreamed of this type of wedding, make sure it is accessible by train or car instead!

Opting for locally grown produce and a local catering service to keep food miles down, choosing a vegan menu, having your wedding with a beautiful scenery that does not require tons of plastic decorations, are all ways you can incorporate sustainability and help save the planet on your big day.


Overall, the main theme for weddings in 2021 is freedom, celebrating love and making the most of the day, as 2020 has not been how anyone planned to spend their year. Therefore, whatever theme you choose, you can’t go wrong, if you keep that in mind!


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