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Top Tips for Creating a Beautiful Instagram Page for Businesses


Social media can be mind-boggling. Everything moves so quickly and platforms are constantly changing, meaning we have to keep adapting. However, something that rarely changes is your Instagram page.

Your Instagram page is the perfect window into your business, so it’s important it’s striking but also inviting. Whether you are a wedding photographer, makeup artist or something else, you use Instagram to feature your best work and build up a great following.

Your page offers a window into your world and it’s something you should be really proud of.

But more often that not, we see business grids that are messy, unorganised and just a bit unsatisfying. Your page needs to make people feel like they don’t want to miss your next post.

Now, I’m no expert, but I’ve recently been spending much more time working at Instagram to try and increase engagement and following. I’ve worked hard to improve my overall appearance and have formulated some of top tips that I’m about to share to help you create a beautiful Instagram page.

Free images

The first step to making your Instagram pretty is to post some high quality images. I often go to Unsplash if I’m feeling a little stuck for content. Unsplash has a fantastic catalogue of high quality, free images. It’s really easy to search for what you’re looking for, then just hit ‘download’ for instant access. Do make sure to credit the photographer though – after all, they’ve been so kind to give you their image for free!

There are plenty of other stock image services available too.

Colour palette

Every business should have a set colour scheme. This may be colours picked from your logo, or simply a selection of colours that you love. I’d recommend having a few tones that all compliment each other. We love everything PINK so we use a range of baby pinks, fuchsia’s and neutrals.

Image template

We love creating templates that we basically recycle constantly. It helps to keep style consistent and will help your brand become instantly recognisable.

It doesn’t have to be anything complex or something only a graphic designer would be able to create, as long as the colour and font remains the same that’s all that really matters.

Canva is a fantastic app for templates. Take a look what you can find and begin customising!

Get creative

Play around with placement of images on your grid. I like to think of my Instagram page like a website – it should be attractive and organised. When visitors land on your page it should fill them with inspiration.

Create some templates and organise them in a fun way. For example, we hosted a series of Virtual Wedding Fayres so we simply created graphics with the initials ‘VWF’ and posted a sequence of posts to lay them out in different ways.

Profile picture

Make sure your profile picture is an image that suits being cropped into a circle. I’ve seen so many profile pictures with people’s heads chopped off, or logos with text half missing.

Also ensure it’s fairly high res so it’s super clear and easy to read if it includes any text.

I’d strongly recommend featuring your logo rather than an image of yourself, as this instantly distinguishes that you’re a business page and not a personal profile.


It needs to be super clear who you are and what you do so as soon as someone lands on your profile they’re not left asking any questions. Make sure you’ve got a precise and to-the-point tag line visible at the top of your bio.

I’d also recommend stating where you’re based so others in the industry and your clientele instantly know if they would like to make a connection. For example Chester, Cheshire.

Set a category to state your business type. Simply go to ‘Edit Profile’ then ‘Category’ and search for something appropriate.


Highlights are a fantastic way or organising your stories into categories. It can be tricky to know what categories to create, so start by thinking about the most common things you post. You can publish any of your previous story posts into your highlights, so have a flick through your roll and begin posting.

Think about your colour palette when creating the cover for your highlight too. If you want to get really professional, you can create your own icons – but bear in mind that you need to publish these on your stories first to use them as your highlight cover.

Giant grid posts

One of the most common questions I get asked is how I create those giant images that take up multiple grids. It’s so easy! I use a free app called ‘Grid Post‘.

You simply upload the image to the app and decide how many grids you want to split it up between. I usually go for all 9 (a square post), but sometimes just 3 or 6 is a nice way of breaking up your feed.


That completes my run down of top tips for creating a beautiful Instagram page.

I hope it helps inspire you!


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