2017 Wedding Trends that are Totally In (& Totally Out!)

The new year is here, so what better time to start planning your wedding chock-full of 2017’s top wedding trends?

As a Wedding Planner, I have noticed that major trends often only last around five years. And where do most of these originate from? Just over the pond in the USA of course.

So if you’re over ombre cakes and countryfied, read on for the wedding trends that lay ahead… and which of 2016’s trends you can safely kiss goodbye to.



1. Flower walls

We stole this idea from Kim Kardashians wedding and it’s truly exploded. Flower walls are certainly very much “in” at the moment. And why not? A huge wall covered in high quality artificial flowers – yes please!

You can really use your imagination as to where you feature them too; behind the cake, outside the main entrance or even as a photo booth back drop. And you know what? They’ll always look expensive but you can in fact hire them for around £350. Perhaps what I like to call, a ‘fussy extra’, but totally worth it.

Petals in Love are an award winning venue dressing service who offer these stunning flower walls.

Top Tip: Look at what’s hot in America right now and it will soon become a massive trend in the UK.

2. Long rectangular tables

I think you either love or hate this red hot trend.

Couples are moving away from the traditional large round tables and are opting for long rectangular tables. Personally, I love it. I think round tables can often feel a little like a business conference and instead sets a much more casual atmosphere.

Tip: Make sure you sit people that really get on next to and opposite each other because it’s tricky for them to speak to others!

I think the key to this trend is the way the tables are dressed. Go for low centerpieces that go the entire length of each table. It’s very rustic chic so plenty of candles would also look fab.

Have a read of this article by One Fab Day. It’s all about how to dress long rectangular tables with plenty of pictures for inspiration.

3. Naked Cakes

A naked cake is just that; a cake with absolutely zero frosting, apart from perhaps a sprinkling of icing sugar, and simply adorned with berries or fresh flowers.

Personally, I think this is a trend that in 10 years time we’ll look back and think, what were we thinking?!

They’re very vintage and are most certainly a statement piece.

Pretty Tasty Cake, based in Cheshire, offer a fantastic selection of truly irresistible naked cakes.

4. Mismatched bridesmaids dresses

Bride’s are opting for a more casual vibe and are mixing their Bridesmaids dresses up a little. Who wants to wear the exact same dress as someone else anyway? That’s so 1940’s.

The dress colours can vary, and even the style of each dress. This is especially good if your Bridesmaids are all different shapes and sizes!

Mix Bridal have some lovely options available.


Now onto the trends that are looking very tired and have well and truly ‘been there, done that’.

1. Perfectly round bouquets

Forget the perfectly trimmed to perfection ball bouquet, an increasing number of brides are opting for a freshly gathered from the garden feel in both table flowers and hand held bouquets.

These bunches are normally large in size and they go hand-in-hand with the garden style theme that’s raging at the moment.


2. LOVE letters

*Yawn*. Who hasn’t had the giant LED letters at their wedding? Like most trends, they were fabulous when they first appeared, but have eventually died a death.

More and more Brides are going for alternative shapes such as hearts, initials or something completely personalised to achieve the same glam look, but in something a little more fresh.


3. Photobooths

More and more couples are seeking to provide an ‘out of the box’ experience to their evening reception — moving away from the photobooth that has been super popular in the past couple of years and adding surprises such as acapella groups to serenade guests over dinner, illusionists or singing waiters.

Anyway, a bulky oversized box isn’t the most attractive element to a wedding day, is it?


4. The rustic theme

It’s fair to say that aged furniture, exposing wood excessively, and the overuse of the word ‘rustic’ have had more than their 15 minutes.

In 2017 beautifully textured linens, custom chairs, and bold colours are making their way into wedding venues worldwide.