What Exactly Does A Wedding Planner Do?


There are numerous misconceptions of what a Wedding Planner actually does. The most common being that we take full control and change the bride’s vision. This is of course completely incorrect. The media has totally glamorised wedding planning; making us out to be only for people with high budgets and tiaras. So what exactly do we do? I thought I’d take a moment to obliterate all misconceptions and break down what’s included in our services.

We perform a service 
Can you do it yourself? Yes. Much like you can do your own plumbing. You pay for the convenience of having us worry about it instead.

We help you stick to your original budget
No matter how high or low, we pride ourselves on giving couples the wedding they’ve always dreamt of on their budget. It’s so easy to get blinded by the ‘fancy extras’, and before you know it you’re planning a wedding £10,000 over the original budget.

We can save you money
People often believe that wedding planners steal a chunk of the budget. Whereas actually, you’re likely to make the money back that you’ve spent on our services through discounts saved on suppliers. You’ll get up to 20% off their standard rates if you book through us.

We deal with the nitty-gritty details
The legal paperwork, endless pieces of documentation and hiccups with suppliers are just some of the things couples find most overwhelming and stressful. We can take all of that away from you, whilst allowing you to still plan the ‘fun’ bits.

We’ve already done the hard work
No two weddings are the same. We understand that you want a unique and personal celebration and we have connections with a range of suppliers that can offer just that.

We are the middle man
You deserve to enjoy your wedding day, and not to be dragged down by mini catastrophes or a million people chasing different things up with you. Our job is to make sure you have a stress free wedding day with as little hiccups as possible.

We help bring your vision to life
We want to execute your vision of the perfect wedding day and make it a reality. Venue dressing is a passion of ours and we love to see it all come together.

We can be there on your wedding day
This is included in our most popular packages. We love to see a plan come together, and you’ll have the reassurance that I’m there if anything goes wrong. Caterer left the venue a mess? I’ll clean it up. Table cloths have mystery stains? I’ll take pictures so you’ll get a refund and will work to

And remember that a Wedding Planner is very different from a Wedding Co-ordinator that venues often come with.

View our packages and what each one includes.

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